Sometimes All You Need Is A Little Approbation

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Sometimes all you need is a little approbation. Simon Fraser‘s post below in our Praxis Workplace group completely turned my day around. I wish I had seen this yesterday as I was in a bit of a slump. Today marks the end of my first month of the Praxis bootcamp. In a way, I wondered if the current job search would be similar to my senior year of college and post graduation one. Lowkey, I may have been comparing myself to the awesome Madison Kanna,  who started her apprenticeship during her second month. Comparison is the enemy friends! Regardless, our emotions fluctuate, and yesterday was one of those days for me.

Screenshot of a post in the Praxis Workplace group by Simon Fraser. The screen shot is message that a company wanted to interview Kerubo because of her changed mindset due to being a part of Praxis


Why do I bring this up? I have recently become interested in the capabilities of search engine optimization (SEO) in content marketing . I have read tutorials and used my website to get hands-on experience on optimization. My goal is to use the next few years to master SEO and content marketing. Well, yesterday morning I woke up to a rejection email from a company I was excited about working with. I had worked hard on my application, and sent a video response as to why I thought would be a good fit for their SEO role. Inevitably, I was disappointed. But in their shoes, I would probably have also chosen a more skilled individual than an newbie.

Nonetheless, that didn’t make it easier for me. However, seeing this “hearty in approbation” post turned my day around. By commending my mindset, this Business Partner already has my allegiance. Moreover, Simon’s action reminded me of a key principle from Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People. Therein, he quotes Charles Schwab “If I like anything, I am hearty in my approbation and lavish in my praise”. In praising my small action of writing a blog post that a company liked, Simon and this prospective Business Partner made me feel valued. It made me realize that somebody sees the transition I am going through and would want me as a part of their team.

Praxis has an incredible pool of young men and women determined to create entrepreneurial workplaces. On a personal note, it was wonderful to get the affirmation that I am just as awesome as everybody. So thank you Simon and Praxis for being the best group of people. Please continue to recognize the little efforts that everybody in the team makes. It could mean the world to them.

Finally as Simon says, document your story. You can read the article he references here.