The War of Art

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In the War of Art Steven Pressfied encourages creators to fight what he calls Resistance. At only 165 pages, this book was an easy read. The chapters were followed by a page’s worth, sometimes a paragraph’s worth, of text. I truly should borrow a leaf from Pressfield. The point isn’t how many words one writes,  but rather how well a point can be communicated in as few words as possible.   Pressfield defines resistance as the obstacles creators have to overcome to achieve anything. It is  a force within us that prevents us from sitting down to write, create music, […]

Why Reading “How To Win friends & Influence People” Makes Us Better Humans

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How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie teaches us to be better human beings. For Christians, the principles in this book boil down to treating others as you have them treat you. An acquaintance recommended this book on a LinkedIn post a couple of years ago. Back then, I found the title rather haughty so I never looked into it. In my opinion, then, only self-interested alpha individuals would want to have this knowledge. On the contrary, after reading this book I have resolved to never judge a book by its title. This book reminds us of […]