Lititz Pennsylvania

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I visited my friend in Lititz- a quaint town in Lancaster county Pennsylvania that was voted the coolest small town in America in 2013. There were a few things that caught my eye as I went around. Lititz boasts of one the oldest girls’ boarding school in America, Linden Hall. The Moravians founded the school in the 18th century because they believed that women deserved an education. I attended a women’s boarding high school, so I loved learning about Linden. My friend shared that Linden is now  a preppy school, and has some of the richest students from the far […]

Why Money Is A Flower That Also Kills

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“Money is a flower, but it also kills” is a loose translation of a Swahili song “Shilingi yaua, tena maua.” The artists compare money to flowers because of the beauty it brings to life. They also warn of the dangers of being obsessed with money. Yesterday, all the flowers blooming with the onset of the spring reminded me of this song. After a long day staring at my computer screen, I decided to go around my apartment complex and take pictures.       As soon as I walked out my door, I spotted the neighboring kid’s bicycle. An ode to the […]