How To Find Meaningful Work

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image of 4 young african women (Kerubo Wall, Misco Mungai, Kate Kiama, Joy Zawadi)


Up until this January, I was obsessed with finding out exactly what career path I should pursue next. I had left a job in supply chain and logistics and wanted the next career move to be perfect. Day in day out, I made it a goal to beat myself up over THE CAREER I  was meant to have. During my interview process with Praxis, T.K. Coleman recommended that I read How To Find Fulfilling Work by Roman Krznaric. I will write a book review another time.

The author encourages his reader to write 5 different careers they would be if they lived in 5 different universes. He also asks his reader to consider whether their motivation is; money,  passion, etc.

Beyond reading this book, I prayed a lot. I prayed that God would show me what He created me for. In the end, I was able to find the start of a fulfilling career through a hobby.

After we started making YouTube videos for Dadas Lounge, I found myself digging deeper into how to define a target audience. The more articles and videos I read and watched, the more I learned about targeted marketing. Eventually, this led to a strong desire to understand search engine optimization. While I had heard of SEO before, I had never considered it as a career option. Today (barely three months down the line), I started a full-time job as a marketing coordinator. I spent my day analyzing backlinks to see the SEO value they create for the company.

I know I am passionate about this field because I started working in it even before anybody offered to pay me for it. At the recommendation of Chuck Grimmett, I read Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO.  In addition, I ‘bumped’ into individuals like Barry Schwartz; an SEO expert.  Even Google executives reply to his tweets. His website provides valuable insights for anybody interested in keeping up with Google’s search engine optimization changes.

In my case, I took a risk and applied for Praxis. A program I initially feared was a scam. This is the best career decision I have made yet. Second, I found a way to change the world in my own way. Through conversation. Dadas Lounge directly led me into the world of marketing.

In sum, finding one’s path probably doesn’t have a set of rules. Instead of ignoring what makes us come alive, let us see what aspects of our hobbies could evolve into a career.