God Gave Me You

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Plaque reading "God gave me you"


Ever wondered why God puts the people He does in our lives? Last year, I found a plaque that read “God gave me you” at an antique store. I bought it for my apartment because I truly believe that God led my husband and me together. I also wanted all our guests to know that they were blessings from God to us. Everyone I have met has encouraged me by their tenacity, kindness, or generosity.

While I am ambitious and want to succeed in life, sometimes I stop to ask God why He chose me to be the one in my family to come to the United States. While the responsibility can be overwhelming at times, I hope that He truly uses me to fulfill His will. In the end, I appreciate the blessing of a better life, better meals, a better home, and less energy spent on menial tasks such as handwashing my laundry. Of course with this privilege comes a call to action. I am challenged to create more and be better with the spare time I have.

Last week, I chatted with Ed Caffyn Parsons. Ed is the first member of Praxis from Britain. He had spent over a month in Kenya and was thrilled to find out that there was a Kenyan on the Praxis rooster. I had a great time chatting with Ed over his experiences in Kenya. He has a keen eye and got to experience what most tourists do not. He cracked me up with the Swahili vocabulary that he knew. It was wonderful to chat with somebody who knew exactly what KFC in Nakuru I was speaking of. That he understood how cheap food organic food is relative to fast food in Kenya.

At all times, God puts people in our lives that we either need or that need us. Just when I think I’ve had a busy and crazy day, a friend tells me that she has been up since 6 a.m. She has attended a funeral, a luncheon, classes, and still needs to do homework. In these times, I am grateful.