How A Doctor Earned A Thank You Note

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screenshot of a thank you noteLast month, I sent a thank you note to a doctor in Syracuse. This was the first time I had done that. We had traveled urgently for an outpatient procedure for my husband. At the hospital, we had such a great experience with the doctor. Not only was my husband so much better than when we walked in, but he also took time to get to know us, albeit briefly.

While most doctors, nay physician assistants, have spent less than 60 seconds with me, he spent about thirty minutes with us. First, he came in and had a little chat with us about how we were doing. Next, he asked the regular questions about what symptoms my husband was experiencing. He clarified our questions about the medical situation at hand and offered recommendations moving forward.

When the time for the procedure arrived, I walked out since I didn’t want to take up too much room, or really see what was going on. After the procedure, the doctor himself came to get me from the waiting room. He held the door and waited for me to put away the book I was reading and gather my belongings. This in itself was more time than I had spent with doctors in the past.

When I went back into the room, he shared with us our options for the medical condition. And then he turned around and asked how we met. I left my husband to offer the “through a mutual friend” response for fear of taking the doctor’s time. It seemed though that he would have loved to hear more. He extensively shared with us information about the places he had been and how long and annoying the flights had been. We understood him as we had just finished a 30-hour flight to Kenya not too long before.

When I got back home, I felt the need to share the story of how we met with the doctor. So I wrote a thank you note for taking his time to offer us undivided attention. I also attached a note of how we met. The only reason I did this was because the doctor had gone above and beyond his duties. He did not to ask how our day was or how we met, yet he took the time to. When people are kind to us, we become kind ourselves because of it.