How I Am Breaking The Mold

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Praxis Logo " Break The Mold"


Breaking the Mold is the Praxis motto meaning to go against the grain. Through Praxis, I was introduced to the simple yet powerful mindset of value creation. If you read my story, you will discover that I followed the conventional path. I excelled in class, joined clubs, took leardership positions, checked in with career advisers, went to company dinners, attended conferences and did everything one could do to secure a great job post graduation. You can imagine, how distressed I was when I did not get the job I had hoped for. I got tired of sending resume after resume to job posts. Naturally, I considered applying to graduate school, but shelved that idea for reasons I explain in this blog post.


As my restlessness grew, my husband learned of the Praxis apprenticeship program. I was lured by the value creation mindset that Praxis proposed. It also helped to learn that I could snag a dream job in just nine months. The message so resonated with me, that just the application process got me thinking of ways I could create value. This directly  led to the creation of Dadas Lounge, a YouTube channel where young women talk about their greatest triumphs, their deepest wounds, and everything in between.


I enjoy working on Dadas Lounge. I have worked on it harder than I have worked on anything before.  There are nights that I stay up past midnight, and wake up at 6 a.m. to edit a video, make a social media post, or note down an idea. Working on Dadas Lounge, I am continuously challenged to learn new skills. I have become a perpetual learner.


In summary, I broke the mold by realizing that more school would not necessarily translate to more skills for me. This is mindblowing having come from a background where more degrees mean more prestige. I loved my experience in college, but I do not miss writing a thesis. Moreover, I regret not having gained tangible skills. I am thrilled to use the next few years to gain more skills and create value whether for my business partner or in my work with Dadas Lounge.


That’s how I broke the mold. Thanks for reading and come by again.