Kerubo 4 Digital Advertising

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The website inspired today’s blog post, Kerubo 4 digital advertising. Cameron Sorsby, COO of Praxis,  posted a video today on our workplace group highlighting Nina’s website. The reason I am writing this is to challenge myself to show a “forward tilt” mentality. I had an interview with a company that wants somebody with experience in digital marketing. Although they were initially looking to hire an intern, the role is for a full-time hire. Because of my limited experience, the company is reluctant to hire me. The Praxis community challenges me to practice the “forward tilt” mentality and find ways I can create value for this company so they can see my seriousness.


I don’t know the best way to approach this new way of life. But I know the only sure way to show my suitability for this role is to show I can offer value even before they pay me to do so. During and after college, I went through the arduous task of recruiting. I want this recruitment with Praxis to be different. I have to be better. The job market is changing, and to prove that I mean to create value, I have to do so even before I am paid for it.


Tonight the impostor syndrome crept in a little bit so I will keep it short. After a much-needed chat with a dear friend, I am going back to focus on how I will create value for this prospective business partner. I will write a follow-up blog post on my progress.


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