Lessons From Running A YouTube Channel

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For two months now, I have been creating video content on the YouTube channel, Dadas Lounge. I say 2 months because, although I posted the first  video in January, I was on vacation in February and did not do much. This notwithstanding, I have seen growth and engagement from our viewers. Today, I am taking a moment to document some of the key lessons I have learned from running the channel.


You Become A Marketing Guru

There is no point creating content if no one is watching it. Through my day-to-day work with the channel, I am learning about branding, social media hacks, and search engine optimization. At the onset, a friend who runs The Closet Pursuit, offered me useful pointers on defining a niche market. Digging deeper into this found me staring into the eyes of an industry I had never considered before. Currently, I am reading up on all things SEO and see myself working in this industry for many years to come. Whether it is branding, quality of content or consistency of uploads, running a YouTube channel forces you to outline your target audience and then engage it. I have learned that I have what it takes to create an audience and cater to its needs. The two images below show the growth we have had in two months.



picture showing 176 views, and 15 subscribers on the YouTube channel, Dadas Lounge two months ago



Image showing 1605 views, and 83 subscribers on the Dadas Lounge channel today April 6th, 2017



Every step Is A Learning And Growth Process

I have had to learn new skills to effectively make content and market it. First, I had to learn video editing. I have had to learn about audio-visual equipment and lining up audio and video as we record them separately. Our most recent video, is such an improvement from the first video we uploaded. Sometimes it is painful to go back and watch those videos. However, before I made our seventh video, I watched the first six so I could see what needed to improve. Next I had to learn about improving searchability on YouTube, creating relevant titles and designing custom thumbnails. Thanks to Canva, I had been able to create content to use on YouTube and social media platforms.  I am constantly watching YouTube tutorials and reading blog posts about other YouTubers’ journeys so that I can learn from them.


You Touch People

Dadas Lounge started because we wanted to share our experiences with the world, in the hope that it touches somebody else. Our goal is to create and find avenues for change. The first videos we shared were quite personal. But by being raw and real,  people are genuinely touched. Some are reaching out to ask for advise on one topic or another. Sometimes it is a young woman struggling with a certain situation, or a friend applauding our courage. In one way or another, you touch other people’s lives.


It Is Scary

The first three videos we posted received some nasty comments from an individual that disagreed with us. His comments nearly paralyzed me with fear. I was already apprehensive about sharing  such a vulnerable part of our lives online. His comments hit a raw nerve and I considered stopping altogether. I am glad I did not. And the reason I did not was because of the positive feedback that we received from some of our viewers. And because we truly believed in the mission of Dadas Lounge. It goes beyond us.


It Is Contagious

Once you show how passionate you are about your mission, others will follow suite. After the first few videos, I feared that nobody would want to have conversations with me.  The two girls I started the channel with left to go back to college. For a while, we considered having conversations on video chat and posting them to YouTube. But I feared that would lower the content quality.  I am pleasantly surprised every time a young woman agrees to have conversations with us. It shows that being passionate and excited about Dadas Lounge gets others excited about the mission too. Am thrilled that more young women want to have these conversations.