Why Money Is A Flower That Also Kills

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“Money is a flower, but it also kills” is a loose translation of a Swahili song “Shilingi yaua, tena maua.” The artists compare money to flowers because of the beauty it brings to life. They also warn of the dangers of being obsessed with money. Yesterday, all the flowers blooming with the onset of the spring reminded me of this song. After a long day staring at my computer screen, I decided to go around my apartment complex and take pictures.


Panoramic view of Kerubo's apartment complex



As soon as I walked out my door, I spotted the neighboring kid’s bicycle. An ode to the spring. Spring brings with it warmth, and children start playing outside again.


Little kid's red tricycle



In the winter, I am constantly in a somber mood and my back muscles tense up from all the cold. But spring brings new life and a spring to our steps. While walking around, I came across some trees that have blossomed early.


Early spring: Tree with blossoming green leaves. In the background, a blue and white sky

A budding flower on a tree (early spring)

Yellow daffodil



I grew up in a land with two seasons, sunny and rainy. I also always thought that  I was a morning person. It turns out I woke up early because of the sun and chirping birds. As the spring starts, I find that I am waking up earlier. Partly because of the loud birds, and partly because the sun rises early. As I walked around, I saw a few birds, but they were too quick for my camera. A kind neighbor had set some bird feed for our latest ‘neighbors’.


A bird on a tree

Bird feed :)



Spring brings memories. Like how the tree below reminded me of my father’s coffee tree berries.It brings memories of families drinking on their porches in the summer. Spring gives a glimmer of hope to summer barbecues and days at the beach.


A tree with berries



My husband jokes that there are only two days in the year that I am happy with. One in the Spring, and one in the Fall. The rest of the year is either too hot or too cold. I am glad I went out yesterday and looked for beauty in my immediate environment. Recently, I made a pledge to discover new things and places in my locality. I don’t have to fly to a Carribean island to enjoy the blue skies. I can enjoy the beauty that is nearest to me first.