Lititz Pennsylvania

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I visited my friend in Lititz- a quaint town in Lancaster county Pennsylvania that was voted the coolest small town in America in 2013. There were a few things that caught my eye as I went around.

Board reads "Lititz founded 1756"

Lititz boasts of one the oldest girls’ boarding school in America, Linden Hall. The Moravians founded the school in the 18th century because they believed that women deserved an education. I attended a women’s boarding high school, so I loved learning about Linden. My friend shared that Linden is now  a preppy school, and has some of the richest students from the far East. Apparently they pay for goods in the stores with $100 bills.

Linden Hall, Lititz

There is a rock in the springs park down town  that reads “Gottes Brunnlein hat wasser die ful” , German for “God’s fountain has overflowing water.” Lititz’s German founders erected the rocks  around spring. It forms a river that has crystal clear waters. There were countless high school students having photo shoots there before their prom. The parents were furiously taking pictures of their teenagers, probably to post on Facebook later. The girls looked beautiful in their gowns, and the boys looked great in their suits and ties.

Kerubo at the Lititz Springs Park

The stores in Lititz are incredibly artsy. From the Candy*ology to Back Home Again to Tomato Pie, they are well-laid out and full of unique merchandise. The vendors wrap your purchases in gift bags for free if you request. Art ranges from folk to modern. We enjoyed a cool Passion iced tea from Tomato Pie Cafe.

The town smells like dung when you first drive in. Possibly due to the big Amish community that farms. The commercials on the radio were advertising gun shows and gun stores. Quite different from the Jersey radio stations. I noticed some young Mennonite women having lunch at the park. They don’t mind their pictures being taken, unlike their Amish counterparts.

Picture of mennonite young women at the springs park Lititz

I learned that Lancaster is pronounced “Lang kiss stur”. Some of the buildings in Lancaster are still surviving from the 18th and 19th centuries. As you may know, the Amish community is proudly self sufficient and does not adopt to modernity such as electricity and vehicles. I got a novel from my friend ” The Seekers: Amish Cooking Class” that I can’t wait to delve into. It’s been a while since I read a romantic novel with a mystery.