Salsa Night

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couples dancing salsa


I have a love affair with the Latin culture. My favorite Netflix show is, Celia. The show tells the life story of the Cuban exile singer, Celia Cruz. I love the food, and I absolutely love the dancing. I joke that if I were not born in Africa, I would have loved to be born in Latin America.

This weekend was epic. My husband and I came to visit family in Syracuse for my nephew’s third birthday. I also got to meet up with one of my best friends from Kenya, and her mentee.

Last night my two friends and I went dancing at La Familia de La Salsa. Between eight o’clock and nine o’clock past midnight, the studio offers a salsa lesson. At ten o’clock the studio turns into a dance floor for amateurs and professionals alike.

Dancing is such a joyful venture. I am particularly enamored with Latin dance genres such as Salsa and Bachata. Last night I had a great time hanging out with like-minded people with a love for dance.

In college, I tried out for Latin dance and swing dance groups. There is something about these two dance types, and dance in general, that draw me to them. Have you ever seen a younger sibling working overtime to keep up with their older brother or sister? I have a seven month old nephew and you can see how eager he is to run after his three year old brother. When I see excellent dancers in these two dance forms, I am the younger sibling dying to keep up.

I had the honor of dancing with one of the tutors at the studio. What a great dance that was. His grace, and precision in preparing me for the next dance move made me bold in my dancing. When I was not dancing, I enjoyed people watching. The best dancers in the room were such a joy to watch. Their grace reminded me of the tranquility of a flowing river.

Watching the men and women dance showcased God’s perfect plan. There is so much beauty to the man leading and the woman following. A good female dancer will follow the man’s lead gracefully. The man may take risks but ultimately provides strength, and guidance to the lady he leads in dance.