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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article inspired by nina4airbnb.com. I spoke about a job in digital advertising that I wanted but was scared I would not get due to my limited experience in marketing. During the phone interview, I was informed that the company was no longer looking for an intern, but for a full-time marketing coordinator. The good news is that they still wanted to consider me. After the call, I sent this follow-up email. This version is edited.


Subject: The value I would offer your company on my first month

Dear x,

I would like to reiterate my genuine pleasure in speaking with you yesterday. Moreover, I believe that both you and I could benefit from onboarding me as a part of your team.
 For starters, I would help [X Digital Advertising company] rebuild and restructure your website to include testimonials from past clients. I would also start a blog section. I built this personal website and this pet project website in a month. Given the chance, I would do the same for Digital Advertising.
 Second, I have a good camera and would love to make video introductions of the some of the team members. Whenever I search a company or tutorial nowadays, I always click on the videos section on Google. In many cases, video is a better way to communicate than text.
 The reason I did not go ahead and build another website, was for SEO purposes. Had I built another website, the duplicate content would lower the rank search results for your site.  I have read up on SEO through Moz’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization and I am applying the recommendations to my own websites. I want to continue gaining practical experience with your company.
 As a Praxis apprentice, I have access to a talent pool of over 150 other participants and 8 advisors who have experience from coding, and web development to leading sales and SEO. If I need any help whatsoever, I know I can count on them to help me figure it out.
 With me, you get an avid learner, a teachable individual, and an initiative taker. I hope your team gives me the chance to help you to better serve your clients.
 Thank you
I am not sure whether this email had a part to play in my getting an in-person interview. I have to believe that it did. In my past interviews and follow-ups, I never contemplated a “forward tilt” mentality. Instead, I would bring a copy of my resume like everybody else, and send a standard thank you email afterward. Ever since breaking the mold,  I have learned that employers care less for my credentials. What they truly care about is that I bring value to the table. In my in-person interview, I showed the CEO and his three co-workers that I had what it took.
I have not had a job interview like this before. In fact, without being paid I was already working in marketing and search engine optimization. In college, I applied for jobs in banking, in insurance, in consulting etc. I did not know nearly enough about these industries. At interviews, it showed. I was not passionate enough about them. Some argue that passion is overrated. However, one has to have enough interest to think of ways to add value to a company. In addition, I did not learn about value creation in college. I learned how to craft a cover letter and resume.
The great news is, I got the job. I had a great time interviewing with the team. Now comes the hard part. To create the value and do so consistently.
Wish me luck!