About the Author

Kerubo Wall is the author of Yana Goes to Kenya and Broken Crackers are Still Delicious.

When Kerubo and her husband became parents, they knew they would teach their children about Kenya and the Swahili language. She set out to find books that would give their children an idea of what Kenya was like before they visited but found very few options.

Kerubo changed this with her maiden book Yana goes to Kenya which she also translated to Swahili.

Her latest release, Broken Crackers are Still Delicious, helps children to learn that even imperfect things hold value. The main characters are named Fadhili and Maina – an ode to her Kenyan roots. 

Kerubo was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya and lives in the Southeast, US with her husband and two home-educated children. She is most grateful for the fact that she is fully known and truly loved by God.