How Do You Know You Are Ready to Have a Baby?

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So how do I know I am probably ready to have a baby? Because recently a lot of signs are pointing that way.     In the last month, two friends disclosed that they are expecting, and my eyes welled up with tears. Profuse congratulations followed. Babies are always born in God’s perfect timing, even when they were not planned for by their parents. I concluded that you will know you are ready to have a baby when you cry when your friends tell you they are pregnant. When you catch yourself ‘stalking’ babies everywhere; in the grocery store, at […]

Lititz Pennsylvania

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I visited my friend in Lititz- a quaint town in Lancaster county Pennsylvania that was voted the coolest small town in America in 2013. There were a few things that caught my eye as I went around. Lititz boasts of one the oldest girls’ boarding school in America, Linden Hall. The Moravians founded the school in the 18th century because they believed that women deserved an education. I attended a women’s boarding high school, so I loved learning about Linden. My friend shared that Linden is now  a preppy school, and has some of the richest students from the far […]

Taking Stock: Dadas Lounge April YouTube Videos

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Hey friends, I have had an exhilarating month. If you have been on this blog, you know that I have a daily writing challenge this month. I am sick with a cold and sore throat and the last thing I want to do is to write. But I have to beat resistance. On the days I did not write I made videos for the YouTube channel I run. My friend Angela Okhupe and I made a video on 4/3/2017,  sharing what we wish we knew before coming to the U.S. This was a fun video to make and has the […]

Thoughts From The First Week Of Work

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All that matters is hard work. I am constantly checking myself to ensure that I am being efficient. Thanks to my Praxis advisors I have learned of efficiency tools like the Podomoro technique, a system where you work for 20-25 minutes, take a 5-minute break and start again. After 4 sessions, you take a longer break. This technique has been great when I am working from home. I work for twenty minutes and use the five-minute breaks to make the bed, do the dishes, or use the bathroom. With a full-time job, a boot camp and a YouTube channel, every minute […]

Salsa Night

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  I have a love affair with the Latin culture. My favorite Netflix show is, Celia. The show tells the life story of the Cuban exile singer, Celia Cruz. I love the food, and I absolutely love the dancing. I joke that if I were not born in Africa, I would have loved to be born in Latin America. This weekend was epic. My husband and I came to visit family in Syracuse for my nephew’s third birthday. I also got to meet up with one of my best friends from Kenya, and her mentee. Last night my two friends and I went […]

Find Your Voice And Cut It In Half!

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    I am embracing brevity in writing. In month two of Praxis, we write every single day. On the days I do not write, I edit and upload a video to the Youtube channel Dadas Lounge. For this exercise, I am rewriting this book review. When I heard of How to Win Friends & Influence People, I dismissed it as a manual on how to manipulate people.  I thought only self-interested individuals would care for such knowledge. After reading this book I have resolved that everybody should read it.  This book reminds us of simple truths that we all know, […]

Today I Learned To Communicate In Marriage

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Today I learned to be a better communicator in marriage. When two opinionated people get married, stepping back is not always easy. I reminded myself what is more important, a welcoming home or winning a stupid fight. Inevitably such conversations come with some crying but some agreeing. As this is a private matter, I cannot disclose too much. However, it is important to swallow our pride sometimes and come to an amicable agreement. So give and take. As a part of the Praxis thirty day writing challenge,  I have to write every single day of the 2nd month of the […]

Why Kenyans Are Each Other’s Worst Enemies

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  Recently, I traveled back home to Kenya after almost three years. While there I was reminded of the greatness, but also of the ills, of the Kenyan society. In some ways, Kenyans are each other’s worst enemies. It was wonderful to see family and friends and to soak in some sun. There has been so much development since the last time I was there. But there are also some glaring money problems among the working class.   1. Theft   Every month, I am unable to communicate with a friend or family member because their phone is “lost”. This […]

God Gave Me You

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  Ever wondered why God puts the people He does in our lives? Last year, I found a plaque that read “God gave me you” at an antique store. I bought it for my apartment because I truly believe that God led my husband and me together. I also wanted all our guests to know that they were blessings from God to us. Everyone I have met has encouraged me by their tenacity, kindness, or generosity. While I am ambitious and want to succeed in life, sometimes I stop to ask God why He chose me to be the one […]

Crown Me Or Kill Me

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“Crown me or kill me.!” Those are the words that a pastor at a church I visited today uttered. This message was a much needed reminder, as it had been weeks since I was in church. I have not been in my church since my pastor said that the Bible doesn’t advocate for women being national leaders. Apparently a woman like Deborah, who was the fourth judge in Israel was an exception to the rule. In his school of thought, God intended for men to take leadership positions not women. This is a theology issue that churches have argued over […]