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I am so glad you are here. The process of writing Yana Goes to Kenya has been fun, largely thanks to the illustrator Janice Angengo who constantly reminds me to enjoy the process. She took my words and created incredible images that you and the kids who read this picture book will treasure.

I always thought I would write a memoir later in life but never dreamt that I would write a children’s book. This process started with a conversation in a mom group I am a part of. Among other things, we occasionally ask each other what we use to teach our children Swahili. Some said they speak only Swahili with their children, others depend on the very few Swahili kids’ Youtube channels while others were still looking. One of the moms challenged us to create the content we were seeking and I heeded her advice.

I wrote Yana Goes to Kenya with my children in mind. I wanted to read them beautiful picture books in Swahili so they can learn the language. While there are many delightful picture books in English, there are only a handful of such books for (and about) children of the Kenyan, and African diaspora in general. There are even fewer in the Swahili language. This book will teach my children, and (hopefully) yours about the beauty and diversity of Kenya. Look out for the Swahili translation & coloring book versions which will further boost your children’s Swahili language skills and connect them to Kenya.

I’ll keep everyone updated on the launch via email. As we wait, sign up for the mailing list and share the link to friends and family who you know would love this book. In my Master’s words, no one lights a lamp and covers it with a bowl or puts it under a bed. Instead, it is put on the lamp stand, so that people will see the light as they come in.

Thank you and much love.